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Neuman Law Prosecutes Claim Against Insurer Arising from Construction and Design Defects


The Attorneys of Neuman Law, PA have filed suit on behalf of Luann and John Turco in the United States District Court of the Middle District of Florida against their homeowner’s insurance carrier, Ironshore Insurance Company.  The suit arises arises from claims of defective design and construction, that allegedly rendered their brand-new home in the high-end Naples’ Community of Quail West uninhabitable.  The home was sold to them by Stock Development and constructed by Stock Construction. The Turcos are also represented by the law firm of Peckar & Abramson, PC, in their lawsuit against Stock Development, Stock Construction and the companies’ owner, Brian Stock, personally, among others, who they claim are responsible for the design and construction of the defective home.   That lawsuit is pending in Collier County State Court.


The suit alleges that the Turcos purchased their high-end luxury home from Quail West Holdings and Stock Development and closed in mid-2017, but were only able live in the home for less than 60 days since mold, moisture and the presence of dangerous levels of carbon monoxide rendered the home uninhabitable.  As of the date of this release, the home remains uninhabitable, unrepaired and impacted by these dangerous environmental conditions.  The Turco’s experts have rendered opinions that the cost to repair the defective construction and resulting property damage (a/k/a ensuing property damage) is at least $1.9 million dollars and the total damages suffered by the Turcos are at least $2.6 million dollars and could be as high as $3.4 million dollars.  This does not include all of the money spent by the Turcos investigating and prosecuting their claims against Stock Development, Stock Construction and others responsible for the conditions of the home, as well as against their own homeowner’s insurance carrier, Ironshore Insurance Company. 


The Court recently permitted the Turcos to also sue Brian Stock, the owner of Stock Development and Stock Construction, personally, for their damages because, among other reasons, the plans for the home that are claimed to be defective were represented to be “drawn by” Stock Architecture, which is not a registered company and not a licensed design professional.

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